Network, Access & Distribution

Extensive global network - includes unique access & distribution - particularly in South Africa, Africa, United Kingdom & the Middle East.

Team with a Track Record, Experience & Expertise

The bulk of the team has a market leading, long-term track record working together within a large international bank. Unique combination of C - level executives, senior management & entrepreneurial success/experience.

Digital Investments

Early mover and differentiation in unique offering of market leading institutional grade funds with uncorrelated and low volatility profiles.

Alternative Investments

Comprehensive range providing the following solutions for:
- When equities / bonds are seen as ‘toppish’’.
- Low interest rate environment.
- Reduction in overall portfolio volatility.
- Capital / downside protection.
- Access to unique private deal – flow.

Foreign Exchange

Providing SMEs with the opportunity to manage their currency risk simply and at low cost. An easy-to-use platform is democratising access to hedging regardless of the size of the sums involved.

Blockchain Technology

Early mover and differentiation through:
- Combining DLT expertise with comprehensive business experience together with tokenisation
- Web3, digital ownership & DeFi for E - Commerce.
- Benefits to the educational world.

Culture & Values/Behaviour

Reputation built on unquestionable ethics, authenticity & transparency.


Ability to partner with the best in breed rather than selling our own products.